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1- Twins attract attention

Whether in the street, at the supermarket, at the park, we notice quickly people either smiling at them or making comments.

Oftentimes it is very sweet. “Awww twins!” ” so cute”. And it reminds us that our normal, is not that common 😉

Sometimes the comments are a little bit blunt or rude. ” two oh my god I’d rather die” is something my husband heard a shop assistant say. ” oh my it must be a lot of work” ” double trouble”.

In any case, twins attract attention and you either like it or hate it or both at the same time 🙂

2- People feel comfortable asking us the most personal questions

First, let’s mention THE question people ask all the time ” are they identical?” It doesn’t sound annoying in English. But in French, people say ” Ce sont des vrais ou des faux jumeaux?” which means “are they real twins or false twins” ( identical/ fraternal). And I think this makes it a bit rude to ask as if identical twins were the real deal and fraternal were a subcategory of twins…

But, more often than not, people ask personal questions like “Did you get them naturally or did you get a hormonal treatment to help you conceive?” ” How did you do it, I’d love to have twins” (err….)

In short, be ready and witty with your answers 🙂 You can turn this into a funny situation for you.

3- We become pros at getting ready quickly and changing diapers

Who said getting two kids ready quicly was hard (before the terrible twos, I mean…) Soon we become experts.

4-I can do things I didn’t think I could do

After being alone at home with two babies, we end up discovering or inventing tricks to help us out. It’s crazy how creative one can be when two babies are crying simultaneously.

Sometimes some things seem to be daunting with two babies, but we try and succeed and then feel so proud.That’s another thing we discover. Going to the swimming pool with two toddlers, taking the train… let the adventure begins!

5- We become obsessed with schedules

On the other hand, having two babies to juggle with, we end up obsessed with their schedule and keeping them sychronized (not when they are newborns of course).

When things are going smoothly we still are a little anxious that something’s going to interfere with our routine.

Having babies on a routine helps us know when their naptime and therefore our naptime is going to be and that is priceless:)

6-Each new milestone is welcomed with even more enthusiasm than with 1 baby

One of them knows how to hold his/her own bottle! Hurray!!!! Oh joy!

7- If the twins are silent for more than a few minutes watch out

This is true in 99 per cent of cases. They might just be reading in another room. But what’s way more probable is that they managed to open a drawer and are emptying it or trying to climb in it, are throwing toys in the toilet because you forgot to close the door properly…

8- Two toddlers are like two walking tornadoes

As soon as both of them know how to walk they become tornadoes. Blink and you will find the laundry basket throw on the floor and clothes everywhere, and they have already moved on to another mischief.

You can never get bored, you never know what you are going to get.

Can’t find your shoes? Check the bathtub or boxes or in the stroller’s basket. 🙂

9- Guilt is something one struggles with daily

This is especially true for the first few months an dwhen one is alone at home. As a parent of twin I felt guilty to not have the time or the energy to cuddle more each baby. I felt between feedings, changing diapers, changing clothes, putting them to bed, there wasn’t enough time to just sit and cuddle. Are they getting enough attention from me, both of them? Of course they are but, one still doubts it. It does get easier as months pass 🙂

10- Take each day as it comes

One day at a time. Whenever I had too much expectations for what I was going to achieve that day, I got so down as my girls’ are not good sleepers and so I have been in a haze and hav elacked energy for over a year now. But things get really different if one gets one day at a time and try to be in the present with the babies however tired one may be. Just enjoy them. You’ll get some good sleep eventually. No need to stress about it or trying to control it, you can’t 🙂 Having twins is such an adventure, it get easier with time and way more fun 🙂 Enjoy the ride though it s sometimes beyond exhausting. Try to enjoy each phase.

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