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Paris is a popular destination for couples. It’s called the city of love, right? But what about taking your kids with you? If you are reading this you are considering the option and it might seem a little daunting.

Well, it’s completely doable and on this blog you’ll find some suggestions on what to do, but today’s post tacckles the logistics more.

Can you travel to Paris with a stroller? How can you book a taxi with a carseat for a baby/small child? Is there anything you should know public transport-wise? You’ve come to the right place.

My name is Claire, I’m a mum of two (twins, hence the title), a teacher and tour guide for school trips to France and I’ve lived in Paris for 12 years so let me help you. If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment down below. Check out the blog in the coming weeks/months as I post kid-friendly walking tour suggestions (with food options, restroom possibilities and play areas, coming up: the marais)

Getting to your accomodation from the airport/ trainstation

( Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels)

I am not going to sugarcoat it, if you have a stroller and heavy luggage, the metro will not be the best idea. I’m talking stairs (no elevators/lifts for some metro stations) , long corridors, stairs again… If you are travelling with more than 1 child, I’d recommend booking a taxi in advance asking for carseats for the kids. It’s easy, and it will be smoother. Trust me. Your kids might be cranky and the quicker you reach your final destination the better.

By taxi:

Here are two companies that offer car seats/ boosters for babies and small childen. The average price for a ride from the airport to central Paris would be around 70 euros

  • Anf ( highly recommended by many parisian parents of twins.)
  • G7 ( more famous than the previous company. downside only 1 car seat is the norm per taxi, but several boosters are available)


If you are on a tighter budget. There are several bus routes that can take you from the airport to different spots in central Paris. (kids under 4 go for free, adult tickets cost 14-18 euros per person, 50 per cent for kids under 11). If your accomodation is near those spots, why not!

Check them out here: Buses to/from airports.

Here are the bus routes:


Rer and metro

If you are an expert traveler and travel light, and want to use the RER (train going to/from suburbs) and metro, go for it. Avoid rush hours if possible (7-9 a.m and 6p.m-8p.m). And use the RATP app to know which itinerary is the best. Check out itineraries here

If you want to see see the map for yourself: RATP map

Getting around Paris with kids

Now I’m talking about the “no luggage with you” getting around except a stroller maybe 🙂


If you are not traveling with a stroller, disregard the following comment and enjoy the parisian metro fully 🙂

However, with a stroller, the metro can be hard ( but not impossible, a lot of Parisians just do it after all) but it could be easier if you choose stops that are clearly marked as wheelchair accessible (therefore stroller accessible)

You can find and download an interactive map telling you which stations are accessible for you here.

In short, the stations on the RER A line are accessible, Metro line 14 is fully accessible, and some of the RER B and C stops


If you have checked the map of wheelchair accessible lines, you will have noticed a lot of bus lines are accessible, so why not travel by bus, you will see more of Paris as well! Avoid rush hour though as you might not be able to get in with a stroller.

That’s all for today. Check out this blog in the coming weeks to read more about which areas to stay in Paris or walking tour ideas with kids so that everyone can enjoy Paris. A bientôt!

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