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“Push, push, push Mrs C. ! “

15 months ago I was about to deliver twin A, our little Rose and I couldn’t believe how fast and easy my labour had been… Well that was until it was twin B’s turn but let’s go back to earlier that day.


May 28th 2018, at 36weeks plus 4 days I was told to come to the hospital to be induced as our girls were indentical twins sharing the same placenta.

I was so excited, I could not sleep the night before. The doctors checked my blood pressure several times, it was very high… but only due to my excitement : ) I had loved my pregnancy but was getting so big and uncomfortable that I was more than ready to meet my girls. (The girls almost came at 32 weeks, but the doctors managed to stop the contractions.)

Was I nervous about labour ? Not at all. Why do you ask ? Well, I knew that the hospital was very good, and most importantly that I was already dilated to a 3 so I did not have to wait for the mandatory epidural haha. Which is why when they told me at 11.30 a.m “we are breaking your water membrane, would you like the epidural before that, or do you want to go natural for a little while ? ” I replied ” I have nothing to prove, I’d like an epidural now, please “. ; ) haha. My husband and I still laugh about it.

Around 11, they gave me the epidural. Very weird and uncomfortable. But oh bliss after that!

At 11.30 they broke my waters and told me they’d check if there was any progression in an hour or so and if nothing happened after several hours, they would start the petocin. We were ready for a long labour, I had prepared videos to watch, music and magazines…

Well shortly after they left I started noticing some contractions appearing on the monitor. And the contractions seemed to get stronger and stronger very quickly. I was not feeling them at all, just as if the babies were poking my diaphragm at times, it was such a weird feeling. Not uncomfortable, just strange.

At 12.30 they checked me. I was at a 4. Great !

At 1.30 pm. I was at a 5. Awesome

At 2.30 pm, I was at a 6. (Seems like the babies are going to come today. Oh my gosh this is so sureeal.)

At 4 they checked me and I was at a 7. (Ok the girls might come in a few hours. My husband had hardly eaten at lunch so I sent him to get a hamburger around 4.30 We still had plenty of time or so I thought.)

At 5 they checked me. I was at a 10 !!! ” Ask your husband to come back , we will practice pushing and then will head to the o.r in a few minutes. What ??!! I grabbed my phone, my husband picked up very surprised and rushed back to the hospital.

Delivering the girls

At 5.45 they took us to the Operating room. About a dozen people were there as planned, and surprisingly I didn’t mind at all seeing their smiling faces and hearing them begin to encourage me as I began pushing several minutes later.

” Come on, push push push !”

My husbans laughed ” it’s like Interville” ( an old French game show)

I pushed again and again and at around 7 pm I was told they needed to use a vacuum to help deliver Rose. I was slightly disappointed, I thought I could do it on my own ( aren’t we not silly at times) but hearing her heartbeat was descelerating at each push made me thankful for the assistance of the doctor.

7.13 p.m my little Rose was out. She cried straight away and they placed her on my tummy.

” Great. It was pretty easy, my job is done…” Or so I thought.

In France, the procedure is to get Baby B out as quickly as possible as he or she has been weakened by the previous contractions to help get his or her sibling out. So as to avoid potential problems leading to an emergency c-section for baby B, the doctor goes “in” to turn the baby so as to be able to grab her legs to help bring her to the birth canal quicker and delivers baby B breach. Standard procedure.

So I thought after Rose was out it would be easy peasy.

Well, cheeky Baby B Leonie did not want to be grabbed by the doctor and she was very slippery, everytime she grabbed her, Leonie would slip out and go somewhere else.

Imagine really feeling like there is a battle in your tummy. Or rather something trapped in your tummy trying to get out through your skin (Alien?)

I could see the concerned face of the doctor, and was feeling things like punches to the left to the right, as if something wanted to distort my stomach. It was so intense they had to get Rose from my stomach.

It started to get painfully uncomfortable. I was squeezing my husband’s hand like crazy. I was shaking. They upped the epidural. The baby slipped again and felt her jump to one side and then something going to grab her near my diaphragm. Horrible I felt like puking I just wanted to be left alone.

Finally at 7.20p.m. 7 minutes after Rose, but 7 minutes of extreme discomfort that seemed like an eternity Leonie was born. And rushed to a room nearby as she needed some help. I didn’t get to see her, they just told me ” She’ll be fine, we’re taking her to another room.. I just got a glimpse of a blue baby as they quickly whisked her away.

A few minutes later they came back saying she was doing good. Thank God! My husband was invited to go and see his girls.

I was left alone to be stitched up. So, I asked something I had been thinking of before labour.

“Can I see the placenta?” For some weird reason I wanted to see what a placenta looked like as it had done a tremendous job feeding both babies.

An intern on my left, smiled broadly, apparently both surprised and delighted at this request.

He took a white bucket where something that looked like a big steak with two tubes coming out of it. That placenta helped my girls reach a good weight for 36 weeks. Rose weighed 2.850 kilograms (6 pounds 3 ounces) and Leonie 2.475 kg (5 pounds 4 ounces) so it didn’t look disgusting to me:)

“Ok thank you!” ( haha)

They took me to a recovery room and they brought me the girls and put them on my chest for a first feeding and skin to skin. ” 2 babies, how is that even possible”.It all seemed so surreal, I just looked at them again and again.

But I started to feel weaker and weaker and I could not hold the girls anymore. I told the nurse “Please tske them away I am feeling dizzy”.

They took the girls, checked me and 3-4 people rushed to my room. They took dad and the girls to another room. I was losing a lot of blood and it took them a while to stop it. I turned yellow for several days.

Sometimes the uterus of a mum of multiples has been so stretched that the babies are out, it leads to a hemorrhage. ( which is why they make us take iron pills during the whole pregnancy so that if this should happen recovery is easier). It wasn’t too bad but I needed to be given iron though I.V.

But after a while I was well enough to be wheeled to our room to spend the first night with our girls.

On the way there we crossed a lady expecting twins walking in the corridor to get labour going.

” have a good delivery and congratulations in advance” I said. It was her turn. I hoped it was gping to be fast for her too!


Overall, I am so glad we did not have to have a c section. The recovery was pretty easy. And the girls. Oh my gosh were perfect babies ( compared to the babies we heard crying all night long)

If you are reading this because you are expecting twins. Honestly giving birth to them isn’t that bad:) usually they are smaller than other babies as they are born earlier 🙂 And I only had 7 “bad” minutes and apart from that it was pretty easy. Only 8 hours in total from start to finish:)

What about you? How was your labour and delivery?

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