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Here are 15 tips from a mother of 14 months old twins . I hope you will find them helpful.

Before your twins are born

1-Get in touch with other parents of twins.

Check out facebook groups etc. The advice of other parents in the same situation is priceless. They know what you will be/ are going through and once a parent if you have any questions it will be very useful to know who to talk to.

2- Get some rest

One of the first things a parent of twins told me was to rest as much as possible starting around 30 weeks of pregnancy so as to avoid going into labour prematurely. And she was right even with her advice I had to go to the hospital at 32 weeks as I had contractions and was dilated to a 3… Thankfully in a lot of cases doctors can stop the contractions. But taking it very easy really helps to have the longest pregnancy possible. So get on netflix, watch as many shows as you want  and enjoy your pregnancy!


3- Trust your instincts


Everybody has an opinion about every single thing once they know you are pregnant. And they like sharing their two cents about pregnancy or parenthood without being asked. I don’t know about you but knowing nothing about babies, I end(ed) up doubting myself and oftentimes I followed some advice I wasn’t sure about and I regretted it later.

Listen to what people have to say but then sift through everything and decide what is best, according to you,  no matter what people say or how strongly they voice their opinions.  They are your children not theirs.

On top of that, trust parents of twins more as they have been through it and understand the knicks and knacks of it 🙂

Equipment and practical tips that will make your life easier!

4- Buy two baby bouncers.

One isn’t enough. Most parents of twins I know in France choose one of these two bouncers. The babybjorn bouncers or the Up and Down bouncers. We were given these ones. It’s called up and down because you can adjust it to different heights. That was really neat.

5- Buy a travel crib/pack’n play and put it in another room.

This is especially true for when twins aren’t newborns anymore. Sometimes they will wake each others up at night and it’s better to isolate the “bad sleeper” so that everybody can sleep better.

How to choose a good one? Well, it hasto be easy to carry for when you travel with the kids and compact. Babybjorn, Phil and Teds traveller cots are very good. We decided to go (this isn’t sponsored) for a French company. The cot is called Escape by Naos, we chose it simply because that one is similar to the previous ones, but also can be opened from the side. That way crawling or walking babies can get in or out during the day during their playtime. My girls love it. When they feel they need a little break, they lie down in it for 5 minutes, or hug or play hide and seek . These travel beds are not cheap but it’s worth every cent believe me!

6- Get a rocking chair/Poäng chair by Ikea

You’ll be so thankful to have it, in the middle of the night, rocking a fussy baby.

7- Prefer practical clothes

Some pyjamas have a bezillion buttons. Prefer pyjamas with only 4 at the back or even better, a zipper, because you are going to change a bezillion diapers 🙂

When they are older and are not in pyjamas all day, you need an easy acccess to their diapers.

8- Buy second-hand clothes

Babies grow very fast and sometimes we buy them cute but expensive clothes they only get to wear once or twice. If you are on a budget, clothes are something you can save money on. Get them on vinted for example.

9- You need a good baby-carrier

This is an essential item for when one parent is alone at home with two babies. Ergobaby and Babybjorn carriers are really good. Check them out.


10-Choose your double stroller carefully.

It is your most important purchase. Which one to choose,  depends on whether you live in a city, in the country, the size of your car etc. There are several good strollers out there,  but not all of them will suit your lifestyle. Get in touch with parents of twins and try their stroller, with kids in it or water bottles to see how they do with some weight. (advice given to me by a mum, which really helped). We went for the Bugaboo donkey and it is perfect for us. It is perfect for every terrain, mountain roads, grass, cobblestones… but not ideal if you are going through the Marais area in Paris with their tiny pavements 🙂


Once your babies are born

11-Visits: limit their numbers and duration

Everybody will want to come and see you and the babies at the hospital. We were advised to only have visits from close family at the hospital and we were glad we followed this piece of advice. This is even more true if you intend on nursing. You will not know how to tandem nurse them at first so you will have to feed one baby after the other. This can take up to one hour per baby.. So that will leave you one hour of sleep every three hours maximum, and I’m not counting nurses… coming to your room to check on you or the babies. You will need all the rest you can get. People can wait till life settles a little.

Another thing is, limit the visits in duration especially at the beginning. I love my family but they thought the twins were so cute (and they were) , that they stayed on and on and on.. And my husband and I weren’t able to rest, so that made things harder. Tell the people in advance please only stay for a little while. They will understand and it will make things much easier for you.

12- Ask for help

Ask visitors to bring your next meal, your parents to babysit a little or help clean the house. You will need all the help you can get to be a little more rested.

13- Get some information on how to teach your babies to fall asleep independantly.

Trust me, this will avoid a lot of trouble down the road. It is not for newborns of course and can be very gradual. But it’s worth keeping this in mind. Nursing a baby to sleep, rocking a baby to sleep is awesome and wonderful when you have a newborn and you should do it and enjoy it. But once they turn 3 months, 4 months 6 months your kids will expect this of you whenever they wake up and it can quickly become a nightmare. You will be so grateful later to have done that.


14- Know that each phase will have an end

This is good to keep in mind as when kids are teething or going through a sleep regression, things can be really tough. But try to remember that any hard phase will not last forever. Hang in there.


15– Enjoy each cuddle

Having two babies at once is something not everyone can experience. You are so lucky to get to experience this. it is a crazy and amazing ride. It is something one needs to remember at 3 am when one of the two babies wakes up yet again 😉 I try to enjoy each cuddle, trying to remember the slightly depressing famous lullaby by Bing Crosby “Hush-a-bye”: “sleep in my arms while you still can…”

What about you? What tips really helped you? What piece of advice would you have?

A bientot


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