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1- You have symptoms very quickly.

I started to become very emotional and have «  strange symptoms » just 8 days after I became pregnant ( it wasn’t planned so the symptoms were disturbing ;).

2- You become suddenly very emotional about strange things

That was very strange for me. I got so upset at a co-worker during a meeting that I walked all the way home while on the phone, fuming about a request she made that was selfish but aren’t we all a little? In short I could not control my emotions.

3- You are suddenly exhausted but to a level you have never reached before.

You suddenly end up napping on your couch when that never happens to you. If that’ s the case… maybe you are pregnant.. and maybe with twins…

4- T.M.I: You become bloated and constipated… and it lasts…

If this rarely happens to you, if this lasts more than a couple days… maybe ..just maybe.. who knows?;)

5- You get a strong positive early on.

High hcg levels explain an early positive. I got mine at 13 D.P.O ( days past ovulation). Another test showed 1-2 weeks pregnant Andy then a day later it showed 2-3 weeks pregnant!

If you have an inkling you might be pregnant, follow your instinct. If it is positive whether it means one or two babies… Congratulations! Félicitations!!!

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