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After 2 wonderful months with twins and a daddy at home with us ( yes I know twin dads get 3 weeks off in France and my husband managed to add in 4weeks of holiday time) it was time for me to be alone with two babies during the day. This is why I researched getting kids on a schedule. I found babywise and it sounded promising…

12 months later, I can say I both love and absolutely hate Babywise for twins. Or any babies for that matter. Here’s why.

1- I love the advice on how long our kids should be awake per age.

I think that’s very helpful for first time parents. This helps us to be on the look out more for sleepy cues. And voila it’s nap time!

2- I love the advice to switch to «eat, play, sleep».

While some of my friends struggle to make their kids fall asleep, mine have been able’ to fall asleep independently since they were 3 months old. Nap time and evening sleep time included ( but during the night that’s a whole other story…) It really is true that a fed baby and tired baby after playing gets to bed easily.

3- I hate the false hope Babywise gives to an exhausted parent.

A baby isn’t necessarily going to sleep through the night quickly… it will be even longer with twins ( unless you are very lucky). In that sense I think Babywise is crual to new parents, Instead of taking each night as it comes, you end up resenting your kids more. » He or she should sleep at night now. Come on! ».

For months I expected my girls to stop waking up at night. I removed the crutches, no more pacifier for the one who needed it etc. etc. Etc. But they still weren’t sleeping through the night and I was left more depressed than I should have been. My girls started sleeping through the night at around 10 months old. But it’s sproradic. Even now at 15 months old, my twins sometimes sleep through the night for 10days and then with teething or something else they stop.

If you are a parent looking into the Babywise’ method, be warned. Only the tips are good not the assumption that every baby can sleep overnight quickly.

If you are a parent of twins looking into the method, know that it will help you in keeping your kids on a schedule and synchronized during the day and therefore help you take naps. But night time is different. Relax enjoy the ride, one day they will sleep. I promise. But there’s nothing you can do about it:)

Bon courage to all you exhausted parents;)

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