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We all have assumptions about identical twins…before we give birth to identical twins. Here are 5 things I discovered after giving birth to identical twin girls in May 2018

1- They are not totally identical physically

One worry parents of twins have is how they are going to tell them apart. Will I recognize my own children? What if I switch them? Well, what was my surprise to give birth to girls with slightly different hair color! ( that changed when the hair grew back) Plus although they looked related, they had the same noses, ,eyes, mouths or ears, to our amazement they really were easy to tell apart. They still are today. Why?

  • Birth weight: Birth weight is usually different which makes it easier to tell them apart. 400 or 500grams make sure a big difference in appearance. And usually the difference in weight stays.
  • Different headshape: An even stranger fact, head shape can be very different and it accounts for a slightly different face. It was the case for my girls and a year later it is still the case. Why are the heads of different shapes? It is due to the positioning of the babies in the belly. Many parents of twins are really surprised their identical twins do not look more alike due to that reason.

2-They can have very different personalities

You would think identical twins would have similar personalities. Sometimes it can be the case, but more often than not, they will be very different. One will be more adventurous, one more needy or cuddly. That’s the beauty of it, It is so amazing and fun to learn to discover our twins.

3- They hit different milestones at different times.

Each twin will develop differently and at his or her own pace. Our little R. wanted to hold her bottle first, almost two months before her sister L. did. But L. walked at 12 months, her identical sister at 13 months.

4- They do not teethe or get sick at the same time.

One would think identical twins would teethe at the same time or be sick at the same time. Well there’s absolutely no logic there. Two babies teething at the same time might be horrible but at least if they had teeth at the same time there would be more breaks in between. Well, with my girls there’s hardly any breaks, the same tooth can come 3 weeks to 4 weeks apart. For supposed clones it is very interresting. Same with sicknesses, it’s the lottery sometimes one gets sick, sometimes two, sometimes one after the other, sometimes at the same time. In short one can never know what to expect. That makes it more fun, right? 😉

5- They always keep on eye on each other.

To me that’s the funniest and best thing. They can seem very absorbed in a toy, but they always make sure they are not missing out on what the other is doing. If you give a new toy to one you can be sure the other one is going to come running. If you are having fun with on, the other one is probably smiling.

And you what surprising facts did you discover about identical twins?

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